The Birkman Method



The Birkman Method is the industry-leading personality assessment tool that measures strengths, internal needs and motivations, and occupational
preference of individuals. It is a proven method that we utilise to help improve effectiveness of individuals, teams, and organisations.

What’s Unique about Birkman Method

This “three-layer” analysis – your usual behaviors, needs, and stress behaviors – is the unique quality that differentiates Birkman Method® from other instruments. Birkman® also explains your areas of interest and provides insights on your organisational and career orientation. All these are done efficiently through a single questionnaire. You would need to take several different other methods of analysis to address similar breadth. But even so, it’s hard to reach the level of depth provided by a trained consultant using the Birkman®.

It’s Highly Accurate and Reliable

Birkman Method® is not based on an old psychological theory or stereotypical archetypes. It has been developed and refined continually over the past sixty years through extensive application in real-world situations by organisational and consulting professionals. Birkman has gone through a series of rigorous scientific and organisational research, and has been tested and proven of its reliability and validity.

Measures of The Birkman Method®
  • Usual Behavior – effective behavioral styles for tasks and relationships.
  • Underlying Needs – internal perceptions and expectations for how tasks and relationships should be governed.
  • Stress Behavior – ineffective behavioral styles when Needs go unmet.
  • Interests – vocational and avocational preferences.
  • Occupational – 22 job families, 200+ job titles (linked to O*Net)
  • Management Styles – approach to managing tasks and people.
  • Work Environment – the work environment that brings the best support and fit.
Common Uses for The Birkman Method®
  • Coaching (life / business)
  • Leadership development
  • Team building
  • Career management
  • Outplacement
  • Hiring / Selection
  • Conflict management
  • Career counselling
  • Relationship counselling
  • Retirement planning
Look at what some of customers have said about Birkman Method 

Herol Bomber Graham
Former Commonwealth, European and British 

Middleweight boxing Champion.
The profiling really helped me post my fight career. It really identified my hidden needs and what really motivates me and how to get the most from my post fight career and my interactions with people, the CapableCore People really know how to help your focus and deliver on what you really need.  Highly recommended, made me feel much better about the future, get in touch you wont be disappointed

Suresh Raina
Senior PartnerHunt Partners, India. 
Very interesting personality type assessment. It provides quite insightful observations and leads into the personal strengths and needs of the individual, that in turn are garnered from the inherent motivations and behaviours exhibited.
For leadership hiring decisions, more than the functional skills, we lean more on motivation, needs, potential and stress behaviours when looking at the fitment to the role. Quite a handy tool.

Elizabeth Palfrey
Marketing and Business Development Executive at QinetiQ
I would highly recommend the Birkman method of Personal DNA profiling. The initial questionnaire was quick and easy to complete, and the report generated is both thorough and enlightening. It was particularly useful for me at the start of my career helping me to focus and plan for the future. Detailing your individual strengths and needs it enables you to develop stronger personal and business relationships by gaining a much deeper understanding of yourself and potential stress behaviours. Taking the assessment specifically helped me to pin point the right working environment for me, and the job families best suited to my skills and personality.

Peter Consterdine
MD at Future Risk Management and Chief Instructor of the Britsh Combat Association.
I took the profiling many years back and it affected the decisions I made for the future. It helped me understand myself others, both professionally and socially. Understanding your needs helps you understand your path to working more effectively and enjoying your life more. I wish I had taken it sooner in my life.

Savals Valsakumar Chakkamadathil
MBA Student at Imperial College London
The Birkman method is by far the best personality profiling test in the market. Jon is a trained on the Birkman method and he provides clear advice on career preferences to people who wish to embark on change. His advice has made me self-aware of my desires and on how other people perceive me. It has helped me manage myself better in a working environment and at home. Finally it has enabled me get the best out of others, by recognising one’s personality strengths and weaknesses.