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The CapableCore was formed in 2008 on the Campus at Harvard Business School, the idea behind Capable Core is to have a global network of professional business people who have a track record in business start-up, growth and turnaround that produces great results. The ultimate aim is to build a worldwide unique social network of capable people. Our Vision is Simple;  The Capable Core will become the ‘leadership talent pool’ of choice for innovative organisations.


By combining our talents, our contacts and appropriate technologies the members of Capable Core help every one of their clients to become a market leader.

Value Proposition

Capable Core is small team of high-calibre individuals with the insight and experience necessary to turn the mediocre into something special. Every member of the group has earned the respect of his/her peers through their achievements, they have access to some of the best people and they understand how technology can be used to inform and transform a business. This core group of capable people can help your organisation to achieve remarkable results.
People with clear purpose and consistency in their leadership style, have again and again been key to the success of any business in the short to the long term.

Our People our speacilists  centered around three innovation Streams, Markets, Technology & Delivery, we bring the right people at the right time to improve your business.


Capable Core initially offers four unique service offerings to enhance our customer’s capabilities;

  • Core Transform; is our professional change management practice which helps our customers succeed in their turnaround efforts by utilising the world’s leading methods and technologies. This practise combines with Core Insight to constantly monitor the key success factors to ensure the programs is on track and any deviations are identified and rectified immediately.
  • Core Insight; is our service which monitors the outcome of change programs, this solution allows for local and remote monitoring of our customers key success factors, this allows core transform to make corrective and decisive action to ensure on-going customer success.
  • Core Social; helps customers to realise there social media strategy to aide in Corporate Communication, Brand Recognition, Lead Generation and Talent Acquisition.
  • Core Mountain; is our training arm, customers use this service when embarking on any change program, this is essentially a team building exercise that teaches the basics of change management whilst climbing a mountain(s) which is essentially the objective.

We help our customers with; Organisational Transformation, Outdoor Change Training, Key Success Factor Monitoring, Marketing and doing better business via social media engagement.