Technology Enabled Change

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The below is an case based on real data from a number of sources.

I was recently working with a large multinational company, the company had been going through some tough times and I was brought it to lead a turnaround in the service and software solution business. First thing first, I created a case for change, by engaging with the customers, employees, stakeholders and suppliers and gathering fact based data on the current state of the business. The conclusion was that the company was in a bad way, and this was echoed by nearly all the people I spoke to internally and customers/suppliers I visited. In fact things were that bad, at my very first customer meeting with 3 other colleagues, when the customer asked who could help him the 3 people with me dropped their heads as to avoid eye contact with the customer. I was shocked.  I took on the mantle to help. The major problem with this business was service, we only knew about an issue with our product (installed and serviced by us on a customer site), when the customer complained that they had an issue, and we only provided performance data on a monthly basis. This was a modern fast moving business using monthly paper based reporting with no coordination or consolidation. So the next thing I did was create urgency using the real data collected in the meetings, and formed a team to create a solution to address the problem of customer dissatisfaction which would also help our employees by giving them a solution and thus the power to help the customer Our vision was a real time supply chain event management (EM) solution which would enable our service staff to be proactive in issue correction. The EM solution was complimented by a Business Intelligence tool, which would allow our customers to look at the performance of the equipment installed base and make judgements based on capacity and demand.

The Key Point is being proactive with EM in real-time would have a positive effect to the Business Intelligence data which would be used weekly and monthly. The solution went Live at 8 pilot sites, it was a great success, we empowered people to be proactive and rolled out to the majority of our customers and it became embedded in our operational culture.

The major achievements of this technological were; We over achieved by around 3%+ on all customer SLA TargetsWe increased customer satisfaction from 66% to 96% in a 3 year period.We increased Profit by 20% Year 1 and around 9% Year on Year in the years thereafterEmployee satisfaction in the service team rose from a low of 60% to 88% in a 3 year periodWe won the Company Innovation award for operational improvement and returned over £300k to the bottom line with the innovation.The event management solution allowed us to remotely monitor and correct any machine issues, taking into consideration root cause analysis and critical action close outs. Before the EM tool we only knew of a customer issue when they called, something not acceptable and caused us to react, and not be proactiveThe business Intelligence solution allowed our customers to make informed decision about their inventory, supply chain, this data went from a monthly manual delivery to an on line collaborative portal.We grew the business 100% year on year for 3 years starting with revenue of around £1.2 million and ending with close to £8 million.We also went a long way to protecting the service business. This story just goes to show you how technology can be used to enable massive change.

Jon Ryley is a Director at CapableCore a London based consultancy firm that advises clients on Growth and Transformational Change. Find Jon on LinkedIn and Google+